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Florist Mount Olivet is a florist in Richland Hills TX. Scent Marketing in Floristry. Psychology of Smell and Consumer Behavior. In this blog post, we discuss the concept of scent. Then we see how it plays a role in handling a business, particularly in the field of floristry. We dive deep into the connection of our sense of smell with the tendencies of human behavior. We explore the impacts that scent has on the decision making practices of clients. This includes how helpful it is in converting window shoppers into actual buyers. First, we check out the study of the psychology of smell and how it influences people's actions and behavior. We also see its influence on their purchases and picks among a wide range of products. Next, we look into a list of common scents and the usual feelings and meanings linked to them. We go over how retail and big corporate stores saw that and used it for their favor. Finally, we go into the concept of scent marketing for business. We talk about how business owners use the element of fragrance. After that, we see how they use flower scents in marketing and increase their sales rates. Interested in a formal program on floristry? Want to get licensed as an expert on everything related to the field? We got you! Look at these professional bodies and colleges in floristry. Some good examples are the American Institute of Floral Designers of the AIFD (, the Society of American Florists (, the American Floral Endowment ( You can also look into similar organizations offering classes specializing in floristry.


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Scent and Human Behavior. Studies have proven that smell is intricately bound to the brain's portion for memory. Plus, lots of people keep memories extending back to their childhood and formative years. Given that, scent can influence individuals' behavior and their decision making processes. Certain scents can trigger specific memories. Therefore, scent has a tendency to steer them towards some choices more than others. This, of course, depends on what exact memory the scent brought up. Flowers complement a place's aesthetic and theme because of their fragrant smell. This is specifically true for weddings, funerals, and romantic occasions. Wedding organizers usually enlist the help of florists. For one, florists provide boutonnieres and bouquets to match the theme and motif. There is also care in picking flowers that smell as sweet and lovely as the event it decorates. Funeral homes usually receive flower ornaments for services. in hopes of exuding happier and comforting scents for the family in grief. Romantic dates and anniversaries usually make use of the power of fragrance. Proposals specifically, use flowers to set the mood, leading up to the big question. No matter the occasion, scent is without a doubt an important part of the entire aesthetic and theme. In fact, it usually sets the mood for the event.

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Some Common Scents and Meanings. Different plants and flowers have a wide variety of meanings associated with them. Here is a list of some common flowers and meanings supplementing them. Lavender is generally used to induce sleep. Doctors usually prescribe these to people who have trouble sleeping. Sometimes, people also take them to catch a quick snooze during the day. Studies have shown that jasmine helps put people in a relaxed state. In turn, it helps them get to sleep more quickly. Conversely, the smell of peppermint energizes people. Gym buffs and runners usually use this to make their workout routines more exciting. In the same vein, vanilla links to food cravings. Smelling it before a good meal would likely make you hungrier. Getting a whiff of it after a healthy meal would keep you from snatching that tempting candy bar.

Scent Marketing. Different scents impact people's mood and decision making processes. A variety of scents do have different influences on different people. But there are particular smells with widely accepted meanings. The types of feelings given by these flowers, of course, play a crucial role in business. Store owners and business managers layout their stores depending on what fragrance they use. They pick scents that help get target customers into the store and buy their goods. As we know, scents trigger particular memories in people. Yes, they may not instantly remember what occurred. But they are bound to feel just what they felt when they first smelled it. Of course, if the scent makes them remember happy times in their life, they are more likely to buy. In fact, studies verify this point. Great fragrant choices make clients 300% more likely to get an item or two. Used in the right way, scent marketing can increase your conversion rates. You can convert window shoppers to actual customers anywhere from 80% to 300%, like one store's report. So how do we use it in floral arrangements and flower stores? It's simple. Schedule a meeting with your core team, and lay out your goals and objectives for your business. If possible, discuss with a marketing specialist (better if you already have one). From there, you select a scent to go with your store. This includes your store's aesthetic and your target audience. Most business owners buy scent diffusers. Yes, even the big established ones. Why? Because they spread out the selected scent in every corner of the shop. This is, of course, another marketing approach. If they're lucky, customers will buy their services and products. After that, it's up to you to keep an eye on the rates of walk-in clients against the actual purchases made. You will likely notice some customers lingering in certain areas of your store. You might also see specific flowers getting more attention thanks to the scent. Your job from then on is to record these instances and make changes as you proceed. Then, continue to monitor and make adjustments until you reach your ideal.

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Are you in the Richland Hills, Texas area and are looking for a business that does Richland Hills flower delivery near me or same day delivery? Are you interested in having only the freshest flowers delivered? Or flower delivery on mother's day flowers? If the answer is yes, you have found a great a resource to take care of all your florist needs. We are the best florist and real local florists in Richland Hills, Texas. No flower arrangement is too big or too small for us. We provide full-service floristry services.

Florist Mount Olivet, commitment to you is 100% satisfaction on all your finest beautiful flower arrangements and gift purchases. If you are not completely satisfied, let us know by calling (817) 838-5732 or (800) 221-2549. We serve the areas:

Best-Selling Flowers of All Time. List of Flowers Popular All-Year Round. In this post, we discuss various flowers that have rocked the charts all year round. We have details on the best-selling blooms in the United States and all over the world. That said, we have composed a compilation of Top 10 flowers. These have proven popular among florists and clients alike! We're sure you know the basics. Standard roses for a candlelit dinner. Yellow blooms to celebrate a wonderful friendship. Sympathy arrangements for a friend in grief. Whatever the occasion, the flowers on this list can be arranged for your needs. Through this list, we lend a helping hand to both flower hobbyists and florists alike. After all, it's always handy to know which flowers are available and what season they come in. For flower shop operators, this provides them terrific tips on what flowers to keep on hand. They'll be sure to keep selling since they already proved in demand among clients. As for their customers, it helps them to know what flowers are go-to's for quick orders. This especially helps for last-minute parties they can't go empty-handed to. We give you a shortlist of flowers most popular among client orders. Then we go over florists' usual choices for floral designs and arrangements. Flowers have proven to be a global language for people to declare their feelings. In fact, they send cleverly arranged messages for their loved ones. We've collected advice from flower shops and expert florists around the world. With that, we rounded up a list of best-selling flowers that work well for any arrangement. Recent years have seen the climb of romantic comedies in American cinema. Thanks to that, roses have gained a bump in sales from lovesick teens copying romantic gestures. Dates? Check. Anniversaries? Check. Warm candlelit dinners? Check. Heartfelt confessions of love in the rain? Check, check and check! Match these with a teddy bear, a bottle of their favorite cologne, or a box of delicious chocolates. Whatever add-on you pick, a bunch of long-stemmed red roses are a surefire way to sweep them off their feet!


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Richland Hills is a city in Tarrant County, Texas, United States. The population was 7,801 at the 2010 census. Richland Hills, Texas coordinates at 32°48′36″N 97°13′35″W.

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