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Florist Mount Olivet is a florist in Colleyville TX. The Best of Blooms. Short History of Floral Arrangements and Design. All through changing times, styles and trends have come and gone. But flower arrangements have continually expressed our love for nature. They've played a huge part in our appreciation of life's beauty! Each vivid creation is a work of art! It brings about a bright, pleasant ambience wherever it's placed. But where did flower arrangements emerge? Whose idea was it to place flowers with each other and for what reason? What did flowers mean to people in the bygone days? How did styles in floral design advance with time? What created these changes?


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Today, we'll answer all these questions. We'll get a brief but appealing peek into the wonderful history of flower arrangements! Ancient Times. The earliest records of floral design go back to 2500-2600 BCE in Ancient Egypt. Historical experts discovered that Egyptians were the first to artistically place flowers in a vase. They were often used for feasts and religious ceremonials. Ancient Egyptians also used them to honor the dead in burials and processions. Lotus flowers are often acknowledged as the most important flowers of that era. Egyptians believed they were divine to the goddess Isis. In Egyptian art, men and women were often exhibited holding lotus flowers in their hands. The same attitudes towards the religious values of flowers were discovered in Ancient China. Confucians, Buddhists, and Taoists rested cut blossoms on altars. Florists were held in high regard and given great respect. Ancient Chinese art also painted flowers on vases, scrolls, and carvings. Flowers and leaves were also often set together based on what meanings they held. Peonies symbolized wealth and good fortune. This is why they are known and honored as the 'king of flowers'. Tiger lilies and orchids symbolized fertility. Pear and peach trees represented long and bountiful lives. In Ancient Greece and Rome, flowers were primarily used for impressive decor in a show of wealth. They weaved flowers and foliage into wreaths for joyful festivities. Their love of flowers is well-known. Blooms were often shown in art and written into myths.

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Wreaths also marked the celebration of victories. In Ancient Greece, they rewarded wreaths to champions of the early Olympic games. This practice continues to this day. They also enjoyed artistry and innovation with flowers. Historians say that the first mixed flower arrangement was from the Romans. Middle Ages. The Byzantines pursued the floral designs of the Roman empire. They placed more emphasis on perfect proportion and polished looks. They adopted garland-making too. But they put their own twist on it by bringing in fruit and foliage, making tree-like designs. Gold and jewel tones were widespread during this era. Famous flowers included carnations, cypress, daisies, and lilies. After the Roman empire fell, there was an artistic downtrend in the Middle Ages. Sadly, this included floral design. Monks were the only ones to keep the art of floristry, using florals in sacred places. Inspired by Oriental designs, they often placed their flowers in Chinese vases. Renaissance. The Renaissance era saw a spirited revival of art and culture. This meant people found a new admiration for beauty and life in all forms. Italians were the first to show their new zest for creativity in floristry. Full, intricate flower arrangements were featured in feasts. Others started to add them as decor for homes and churches. Renaissance floral design was often concerned with pure beauty and symmetry. Bright and bold color triads were in vogue, crafted with arc, ellipse, and triangle shapes. Flowers were also often coupled with different sorts of fruits and vegetables. These were placed in a wide array of vessels, from bowls to baskets to vases. But they were all designed to conceal the stems and only feature the blooms. People of this era also attached special meanings to flowers, such as love, purity, and goodness. Among the most beloved flowers then were carnations, daisies, irises, lilies, marigolds, and violets.

Victorian Era. Opulence, luxury, propriety-- these were the defining traits of the Victorian Era. Flower bouquets became a way to display wealth and good breeding. This is why they became exceedingly lavish and elaborate. Luxurious homes had ornate vases teeming with gorgeous masses of flowers. Ladies were educated on the art of floral design as a part of their upbringing. It was also at this time that floral design was officially taught and studied as a form of art. Floral designs in the Victorian era set itself apart from other time periods. People then weren't all that concerned with symmetry, proportion, or color palettes. They were more occupied with how many flowers were in a vase, rather than with how they looked. Bouquets were compact and cascading. Rich, heavy hues like purples, blues, reds, and browns were in fashion for floral design. Flowers were usually set in a round shape. Foliage and herbs were placed in for more aroma and texture. Roses, tulips, carnations, baby's breath, and lilacs were amongst the most popular flowers. 20th Century. Attention to floral design piqued in the USA during the 1930s. It was then recognized to have its own rules by the Women's Garden Club. Traditional designs were concerned with crafting clean, balanced arrangements. They provided texture and depth but only followed a specific design pattern. Later on, free style became more in demand. With no strict patterns, there was more freedom to explore various color palettes, rhythms, sizes, and plant materials. There were more natural styles that consisted of rocks, branches, and greens. Japanese influences were also featured, marked by simplicity and openness. Today, styles in floral designs continue to develop! Now, there are countless choices for floral design that take in everyone's unique tastes and style!

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Combine contrast and consistency. Remember one of the most essential rules of decorating. Don't match, complement! Bear in mind that your home is still the star of the show, and the flowers are actually there to play a supporting role. Ensure that your flowers don't overwhelm your home. It's useful to create texture and depth with your interior design. A great way to do this is by adding a hiny of contrast while managing to keep your style consistent. Let's say your home has a more contemporary look. You can go for a clean-lined, single-flower bouquet to keep its chicness. But your selection of flower has to have bold colors with dense petals to give depth. Best blossoms for this include alliums, begonias, roses, and bulb flowers. You can also go with a rounded or patterned vase to contrast the hard lines and flatness of modern interiors. For antique homes, you can choose compact bouquets to match the richness of your home. Go for arrangements with foliage and unique flowers. Ideal blooms include irises, cherry blossoms, peace lilies, and blackthorn flowers. These add a flair of modern style while keeping your home's classic look. Create aesthetically pleasing color schemes. Start with the existing style and prominent colors of your interior. Seek out color palettes that will suit the hues of your room. Get a feel of the visual harmony of your space! Right after this, you can start adding complementary but varied colors. This will prevent your florals from drowning in your room decor and wallpaper. Let's say your home has a color palette of subtle blues. You can go with brighter shades of blue or purple to create contrast while still preventing color clashing. You can also consider adding a bouquet with softer hues to a room with brightly-colored decorations and wallpaper. It's also important to establish your color palette with your interior style in mind! For instance, if you have more open spaces or a rustic interior, go with earth tones and soft neutrals. This will increase the homey, lived-in feel of each room. Take note of scents. It's not just about looks when it comes to blossoms. You also need to think about how your bouquet's fragrance will affect the scents in the space you're decorating! Here are the most ideal floral scents for certain rooms in your home: Dining room - Stay away from using flowers with strong scents at the dining table. Their powerful aromas are very likely to disrupt your meals. Go with freesias or roses, which have delicate scents. They add an elegant and fragrant touch to your table in a subtle way. Bathroom - Flowers with exotic and powerful scents are perfect for the bathroom! Gardenias and orchids are well-known for their robust fragrances that can stave off unpleasant smells. Even better, their standout look can bring in texture to flat spaces like bathrooms. Bedroom - There are flowers with calming scents that can help relax you into peaceful slumber! Lavenders and jasmine are examples of these. If you battle with insomnia or other sleep problems, these blossoms are great for you! Imagine sinking into your bed after a long day and breathing in those cool, gentle scents!


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