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Florist Mount Olivet is a florist in Arlington TX. 16 Creative Wedding Bouquets For Your Special Day. Every blushing bride recognizes that what makes a wedding stand out resides in all the small details - the personalised touches that commemorate you and your partner's one-of-a-kind style. And your bouquet is no exception! Finding the most suitable bouquet that reflects the beauty and uniqueness of the love you've found with your partner can make your special day truly extraordinary. While there's nothing wrong with a bouquet of traditional roses, clutching a hand-picked, specially crafted bouquet that's exclusively and perfectly yours makes a huge and meaningful distinction! We understand it's challenging to drum up fresh ideas, especially with the never-ending to-dos on your wedding checklist. So to help you get inspired, we've rounded up 16 bouquet ideas with their own twist on this timeless tradition. These unique selections mix classic sophistication with out-of-the-box ingenuity, perfect for the modern-day bride. Check out this list to find favorites for your very special bridal bouquet! If you are interested for more information about flowers from a formal course or like to get certified as an expert on florals, we suggest looking into competent bodies and colleges in gardening and floristry such as the American Institute of Floral Designers of the AIFD (, the National Gardening Organization (, the American Floral Endowment (, the American Horticultural Society ( and other similar organizations providing programs specializing in floristry and horticulture.


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Unique Flowers. Filler flowers. While frequently relegated to supporting roles in showy bouquets, filler flowers feature a delicate, almost frail elegance that enchants you with their innocence and underrated elegance. We highly recommend warm and soft blooms like baby's breath, lily of the valley, Queen Anne's lace, delphiniums, and bouvardias. Dried flowers. Brides around the world have been taking advantage of this trend's wonderfully rustic style. With warm hues and distinct textures, dried flowers inspire a nostalgic feel to your attractive bouquet while also evoking a message of timeless love. Their versatility also blends seamlessly with any wedding theme. For your flower choices, wildflowers, lavenders, hydrangeas, proteas, and roses make stunning dried flowers. Big blooms. Make a statement with huge, daring blossoms! A bouquet with oversized flowers adds an extravagant and dramatic impact to your wedding look to fit your fearless and optimistic personality. Among the most eye-catching large blooms are peonies, water lilies, calla lilies, and gardenias. Succulents. Boho chic is in, and so are succulents. For a more natural, distinctive look, go with these stylish eye-catchers! Regardless of whether you pair them up with choice blooms or pull off an all-succulent arrangement, these stunners are a gorgeous and practical choice for an one-of-a-kind bouquet. Sunflowers. Love brings delight and lightness to the heart, so add a vivid burst of gaiety to your wedding look with sunflowers! If their bright look weren't enough, these blooms also hold a heartwarming meaning: they signify adoration, loyalty, and life long delight. What better way to begin a life filled with joyful love than with a bunch of the happiest flowers? Themed Bouquets. Monochromatic. Smooth, stylish, and extraordinary-- all qualities of a monochrome bouquet that ramps your wedding to modern sophistication. One color with different flowers or in diverse shades adds texture to your bouquet while maintaining a clean look. Go for classics like pinks and whites, which are always in style. Don't be afraid to go for an all-black bloom ensemble if you want more of an edge or have a taste for the gothic. Tropical. Enjoy your destination wedding with a bouquet that matches its sunny vibe! Parrot tulips, anthuriums, oriental lilies, bird of paradise, and monstera are conventional go-tos for an extraordinary, lively look. For color options, you can't go wrong with vivid oranges, loud magentas, and bursting yellows. Palm leaves or banana leaves also add coziness and density to your bouquet. Seasonal Your wedding is all about new beginnings, much like the first breath of spring season or coldness of winter. Seasonal flowers embellish this lovely sentiment. Even better, there's also the sensible advantage of having them commonly available for your wedding date. Seasonal bouquets come in a broad selection of flowers and colors, giving you the freedom to pick the perfect bouquet. Signature Styles. Cascade. Finally, a flowy, enchanting bouquet to match your fairytale wedding! Cascades draw the eyes down a trail full of lush blooms, refined foliage, and rich greens, creating an ethereal look and a waterfall-like semblance that will make your wedding truly a dream come to life. Horizontal. A harmonious drape of florals and foliage that mixes a relaxed feel with a discreetly lavish look, the horizontal bouquet is classiness personified. It sweeps off to the sides, fashioning clean and aesthetically pleasing lines. Known for its versatility, it can be suited to a wild style with vines and stems or a traditional bouquet with bountiful blossoms.

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Hand-tied. Simplicity is sophistication with the hand-tied bouquet, rallying a truly personal touch with its free, loose, and casual style. All it requires is a cluster of flowers and greenery tied together using a silk or a ribbon wrap, which makes it very easy to create and adjust even by yourself. Hoop. This buzzworthy trend is making waves among brides nowadays! Evoking the whimsical look of wreaths from days of yore, this bouquet has florals, greens, and ribbons attached to a wooden or metal hoop. With a laid-back aura and a dreamy look, you'll surely fall in love with this gorgeous garland. Special Touches. Berries. Fruit may not be the primary thing that enters your mind when it comes to bridal bouquets, but berries create sophisticated accents for a wild and natural look. Large, multicolored berries like hypericum berries, raspberries, snowberries, and blackberries make a bouquet pop with color and fullness. For more elegant but subtle accents, go for berzelia, tallow, and pepper berries. Greens. Flourishing greens and attractive foliage add glamour to your bouquet with impressive color palettes, captivating textures, and even tantalizing aromas for a fresh, forest-inspired arrangement. No matter if you go for a delicate trail or a full, overgrown look, these beauts add whim and intensity to complement your lovely blooms. Feathers. Mixing classic allure with a sense of lightness and exquisiteness, feathers inspire a vintage vibe, while establishing a modern look with their delightfully distinct style. These unusual accessories also appear in varied types with their own distinct textures and hues, making them interestingly versatile and effortlessly suited to different wedding themes. Paper. Get creative with hand-crafted paper flowers! Your special creations could be just as beautiful as fresh flowers, while carrying more meaningful sentimentality. Plus, you can treasure it as a long-lasting souvenir after your wedding! Whether it's florals made from the sheet music of your special song or maps of where you first met, this bouquet is sure to be one for the books.

Practical Guide To Keeping Flowers Fresh For Longer Why Bloom Care Makes All The Difference There's nothing like a bouquet of flowers to perk up your mood and liven up your home! Plus, it's also one of the most special and heartwarming gifts we can receive on special occasions. Sadly, we all know that blooms don't last forever. But with a little initiative and a lot of TLC, you can keep your dear blossoms fresh and blooming for longer! We've come up with a simple guideline to help you maintain your beloved flowers' vibrance for a longer time. Enjoy your beautiful bouquet to the fullest by following these simple steps! Containers accumulate a lot of dust and debris that can make your water cloudy and infect your flowers. Even if your vase is newly-bought, make sure to wash it for safety. Cleaning your vase is very easy and affordable - you'll have all you need around the house! Just wash with warm water, a cap of bleach, and let it dry. Another DIY cleaning alternative is a salt and vinegar paste. Just mix a tablespoon of salt with a tablespoon of vinegar, apply the mixture to your vase with a clean cloth or brush, and let it set for half an hour. Afterwards, rub it off until all residue is removed, rinse out with lukewarm water, and leave to dry. Yup, you read it right: cut flowers need food, too! It allows them to blossom in full health and helps prevent infections that can reduce their lifespan. Flower food has three components: 1) citric acid, which balances the pH level of water for ideal health; 2) sugar, which boosts their energy; and 3) bleach, which curbs fungi and bacterial growth. Your local nursery or online stores may have flower food packets readily available. But if you plan to make your own at home, the recipe is easy to follow! All you need is 1 quart of water, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of bleach, and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. There are also loads of substitutes to this recipe! Clear soda, apple cider vinegar, and even vodka have been proven to be effective at nourishing flowers.

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Are you in the Arlington, Texas area and are looking for a business that does Arlington flower delivery near me or same day delivery? Are you interested in having only the freshest flowers delivered? Or flower delivery on mother's day flowers? If the answer is yes, you have found a great a resource to take care of all your florist needs. We are the best florist and real local florists in Arlington, Texas. No flower arrangement is too big or too small for us. We provide full-service floristry services.

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Leaves and foliage that are left on the stems and submerged in water will rot rapidly, introducing bacteria to your flowers which can bring about disease and infection. So it's a good idea to prune your flowers before placing them in your vase and ensure that there are no leaves below the waterline. Cut stems. One of the best tips for keeping flowers fresh is to cut their stems! This technique creates a bigger opening at the bottom of the stem, allowing your blooms to take in more water and delay wilting. Just cut an inch from the stems at a 45-degree angle. It's crucial to be very careful, though! Poor cutting techniques can easily result in crushed stems which keep your flowers from absorbing water To prevent this, avoid using dull scissors or blades. Use a sharp knife or sharp shears instead for a guaranteed smooth and clean cut. Place in water. All flowers need water to thrive, but different blooms have different needs! Before you set them in water, research their particular water requirements. Blooms with woody and semi-woody stems like roses, mimosas, lilies, chrysanthemums, and carnations tend to drink a lot. Place them in warm water filled to about 2/3 of your vase. Soft-stemmed blooms like anemones, freesias, and ranunculuses prefer shallow water. You can place them in warm water filled to only 1/2 of your vase. Flowers with bulbous stems like daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips enjoy a bit of a chill, so put them in cold water up to 1/3 of your vase. Set in a cool area. Most flowers appreciate cooler spots away from direct sunlight. You can still set them by the windows to create a serene look for your home; just see to it that they're kept away from light and that they don't touch the glass. If you like having flowers as a centerpiece for your dining table or kitchen, see to it you set them where there are no fruits close by. This may sound odd, but ripening fruits actually emit small amounts of ethylene gas that cause flowers to brown and age earlier than normal. It's also best to keep them away from anything that releases or produces heat, such as cooling units, fire places, heating vents, radiators, or televisions - these can result in dehydration and early wilting.


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Arlington is a city in the U.S. state of Texas, located in Tarrant County. It forms part of the Mid-Cities region of the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan statistical area, and is a principal city of the metropolis and region. Arlington, Texas coordinates at 32°42′18″N 97°07′22″W.

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